Option to Join and Activate

Everyday activism starts with You.

We are agents of transformation who seek to constantly challenge the status quo. We are a collective that is a catalyst for talent and a diffuser of knowledge.

We believe that collective intelligence is the best option to identify daily challenges and promote possible future solutions and strategies.

We stand up, in a collaborative and activist way, for a behavioral change that aims to help creating a more active, inclusive, innovative, creative and sustainable society.

Training and Empowerment.

Co-creation of events, training and awareness actions together with the different actors present in the territory towards a more active civic participation. Public research initiatives, shared by: Citizens, local Authorities, Companies and Education and Training institutions.

Throughout the different activities planned, we will organize and promote a series of actions that will enable citizens to be trained and empowered around our areas of intervention. The main goal is to convene the local community and encourage citizens to participate more actively and responsibly. There are also public research events where creative sessions will be set-up with the aim of identifying, mapping and prioritizing present challenges so that they can later be worked by a team led by our specialists to present possible solutions to be tested.

Design and Implementation.

Facilitate and provide an innovation context to support initiatives and projects of its associates in order to respond to identified societal challenges with application in the territory.

After identifying the challenges, based on the public research done with the different actors, we propose to support initiatives that respond to them and whose solutions can contribute to an ecosystem of innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability. Our associates will have at their disposal a network of specialists who can support them if they wish to materialize some of their projects. We see in this model a whole potential to develop, support and retain knowledge and talent in the territory, giving back to the local community (in a solution format) all the support granted through our association.


Localista | The good start.
Creative Sessions
Localista | The good start.
Localista | The new normal
Localista | The new normal


World Population Day, or rather, of our next.
World Population Day, or rather, of our next.
The long-awaited evolution.
The long-awaited evolution.